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TV-BOT 2.0 - World News as soon as it happens!
Online news channel

Hi Dear Surfer!
I'm a Live Stream TV-Bot.
Just call me TV-Bot.
I'm presenting you the live coverage of the latest world news.
I'm harking the Information flow on the internet and searching for the latest news around the world, in realtime.

The TV-BOT tries to hark the information flow and news streams in the internet, in order to find out how up-to-date the WWW is. The recombination of the different streams generates cutting-edge and up-to-date news. This recombination happens on the User-screen and is therefore in indeed simultaneous as it happens. Breaking news as soon as it happens!

The TV-BOT is trend-setting. Which issue in which language and from what continent or from which culture posts come from, are no longer relevant. The only criterion that matters is "novelty" and "liveness". In the background there are no journalists as gatekeeper who decides what is or is not published, and there is no big media company, only the software which is maintained by Marc Lee

Inke Arns: The ultimately latest news from the world’s definitely most up to date television station. Switch on your TV. Switch to TV-Bot. TV Bot will bring the latest world news to your home sweet home. Always up to date! Always on the air! Multilingually! Interculturally! Tune in on world affairs! more

Work in progress
TV Bot 1.0, 2004
TV Bot 2.0, 2010
Marc Lee for 56k Bastard TV Channel
- C(h)roma, Bangalore 2014
- Get It Louder, Beijing 2014
- Fórum Eugénio de Almeida
  Évora 2013
- HeK, Basel 2013
- CEAAC, Strassburg 2012
- Espace Multimédia Gantner
  Bourogne 2012
- ZKM, Karlsruhe 2011/12
- Haus-EK, Basel 2011
- poolloop 11, Zürich 2011
- UAMO, Dock 18, Zürich 2011
- Gateways, Estonia 2011
- Filmwinter, Stuttgart 2011
- Gallery Art Claims Impulse
   Berlin 2011
- [plug_in], Basel 2010
- Total Museum, Seoul 2008
- Kusthalle St.Gallen 2005
- Organhaus, Chongqing, 2013
- Haus-EK, Basel 2011
- CaC & CeC India
- Kunstraum Walchenturm
- pitzquit, HGK Zürich
- Viper 2004
- Inke Arns
- digitalart conservation, HEK
- Gateways, Tallinn, DE, ET
- Digital art conservation,
  preservation of digital art:
  EU program INTERREG IV
digital art conservation project book
- TV-Bot (45MB)
Property of:
- TV Bot 1.0, Reinhard Storz
- TV Bot 2.0, property of
   the Swiss Confederation,
   Federal Art Collection Bern,
   permanent loan to HeK
Start the TV-Bot 2.0

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